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We are the leader in Montreal car detailing and automotive protection, with more than a decade of expertise in the field. We work with state-of-the-art equipment and use only high-quality products that are proven and tested.


Car Detailing Service

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There are many levels of detailing a car. The basic cleaning and maintenance of a car always begins with a proper washing. Detailing goes many steps and layers beyond this step bringing the car back to the cleanliness of the car as it was originally delivered from the dealer. There are
basic detailing levels such as a good interior and exterior shampoo as well as a nice protective product to help the car stay clean but we go much further than this offering extreme detail that most other places ignore. We concentrate on each and every possible area including the engine bay and the undercarriage as well as the wheel wells and the wheels themselves removing them and cleaning them from the inside out. Of course we offer this service with many options depending on the budget of our client and also on the necessity of the task at hand. The end result is always a beautiful clean vehicle that makes its owner proud to display.

Professional car detailing

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