Lease returns


For a stress free car return.


Lease returns preparation

Avoid lease return fees

There are many advantages to leasing a car as compared to buying nowadays. One of the main drawbacks though is when it comes time to return it to the dealer. The vehicle needs to undergo a rigorous inspection to make sure that there is no damage before it is returned. At this point almost always there has been more than regular wear on the car especially here in Canada with our long winters.
We have devised a plan where you can bring in your car and we will give you free inspection and quotation for fixing what most likely will be required by the dealer ahead of time. We then suggest you have it inspected at the dealer and return with their evaluation and required repairs. We will surely beat their price by at least 10%.
We will bring the car back to the requirements so you can have a stress free return of the car at the dealer.

Stress-Free Lease Returns

Bring your car for a free inspection