With the advancement in technologies, there have been many changes in the maintenance and upkeep of the paint finishes in the automotive world. Traditionally it was a routine for everyone especially living in the colder wintery climates, to prepare their cars for the winter by giving them a good final coating of carnauba wax before the winter starts to add a protective layer on the clear coat of the painted surfaces. 


Today, there have been many advancements in the world of automotive protection. One of the most recent have recently become affordable has been developing nano-ceramic technology. Nano Ceramic or just Ceramic is also known as today. It is a very advanced technology that offers an extremely hard protective shell on top of the clear coat adding years to the life of the finish of the car.


What are the differences between the two products?

Well, basically, Ceramic is a finish that is designed to bond with the finish of the vehicle. Depending on the brand and application type, this offers protection that will last between 3 to 5 and in many cases 10 years.  Compared to traditional wax, which only lasts on the car for about 3 months. In the harsh extreme winter weather, this could be further reduced to 2 months, thereby leaving your car often unprotected before the full exposure to the actual winter elements even begins. 


Secondly is the always important cost factor. An especially important thing to keep in mind is that once a ceramic is applied, there is no paint correction needed if properly maintained for the next few years. As compared to wax, it is necessary to do a polish to remove the contaminants before applying the wax, adding a cost, and this process should be done 4 times a year.


On average, a true ceramic’s initial cost appears to be expensive, but once compared to doing a polish and wax 4 times a year. It starts costing more than the Ceramic at the beginning of the second year. You need to continue the process for at least 2 more years to maintain a level of protection close to what ceramic offers.  

Another factor to consider is that Ceramic is extremely hydrophobic, thereby making the water and ice and snow do not stick to the car as easily. This makes both keeping the car clean as well as removing any ice or snow accumulation much easier. 

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