When it comes to cleaning your car, several things need to be taken into account. The task should be considered a pleasant one where you are taking care of your car and it’s value.

Whether it’s going to a well-known hand car wash or doing it at home to prevent scratching or damages. 

The exterior should be washed at least once a month, if possible. Depending on what type of car and what type of interior it has, the cleaning is done differently. The amount of times your car should be cleaned also depends on the usage and where you live. In Montreal, where winter lasts almost half of the year, consider washing your car at least once a month to pressure its value.  

Basic Precautions

If you’re going to wash it at home, make sure you get all the products you need beforehand. Another detail is to do it without wearing any jewelry that could potentially scratch the car. The first section of the car to wash is the wheels. After, you want to work your way down as you wash the car and clean it in sections, starting by the roof. Some details that are overlooked are;

– Washing and drying in shaded areas, if possible, rather than in the sun. 

– Having two buckets, one for soapy water and the other for water.

– Hose and pressure-hose

– Using a proper detergent for your specific car and not any soap 

– Using a microfiber towel rather than a sponge and a regular cloth can absorb the debris and scratch your car.

-Scrubbing brush for smaller areas and tires.

Interior Cleaning

For the interior, to keep it looking new to be able to resale, ideally eating and keeping trash in the car are not the way to go. As the interior scent and the seats must be kept pristine. The interior walls and roof must be cleaned with products appropriate to the car. The dashboard and console should be wiped down, and the seats and carpets vacuumed. As mentioned in our first blog, as soon as a spill happens, it must be taken care of, especially if the seats are leather to prevent crack. 

Protecting and Finishing Wash

Consider using an ammonia-free glass cleaner and plastics and conditioner for the body of the car. When cleaning the window, refrain from using products such as Windex as it contains ammonia, which can damage the car’s exterior window finish.

Headlights can get cloudy and yellow with age; cleaning with a restoration kit can help every once in a while. 

Ideally, you should start by cleaning the wheels with a separate bucket of water. You can use a pressure hose for the wheels as they have the neediest gritty dirt, mud, and dust. However, do not use any cleaning products on the wheels. This can result in the product being sprayed onto the paint once in motion.

A final touch would be to wipe the car with the microfiber towel to completely dry off the water. 

Ceramic VS Waxing

Preferably when you purchase a car, you should opt to get a nano-ceramic coating done at a professional detailer versus the wax treatment once a year. The ceramic coating protects the car’s finish that can last up to 5 years. The nano-ceramic coating offers a deep rich, long-lasting glossy finish. It will give the car a hydrophobic barrier for protection and UV rays to prevent its fading. 


To some, cleaning their car is as simple as going to the drive-through car wash. We recommend going to a hand-washed place or doing in the safety of your home. You want the finest for your second biggest investment and want it looking its best. Going through the car wash option can damage the wheels and the underbody of your car. Although these places might advertise “touchless washes,” the pressure and the types of brushes scrubbing at your car will cause you some unwanted results. Using the two bucket system at home will allow you to reach the more delicate parts and delivery a cleaner finish to the wash.